The O.S.U. Mentoring Program

Launched in 2010, the Mentoring Program is a multi-year and ongoing project and aims to enlist the help and guidance of senior members of the world of commerce and the professions who remain interested in perpetuating and enhancing the ethos of the Old Sydneians’ Union. Whilst there is no cost to members to attend or to participate in the O.S.U. Mentoring Program, we do ask that in due course you “give back” to the Program and that once you have been mentored, you share your knowledge and skills gained with future participants.

Initially two groups of potentially interested old boys are invited to participate in the Program and contribute to its development and evolution:

The key feedback from prior function participants was their unanimous interest in the commercial applications and enhancement of their present skills and experience, and the desire to learn and develop additional competencies through mentoring.

Mentoring can incorporate several levels of formal and informal, group and individual interaction and, as the streams of interests emerge, it is envisaged that all formats of mentoring will be available to the participants.

Another interesting feature of past functions was the desire of all parties, Group 1 and Group 2 participants as well as the Mentors, to share their experience with each other.  Several of the Mentors were keen to learn specific skills from the younger participants, especially in the areas of technology and social media, and that was an unexpected and most refreshing outcome of the meetings.

To indicate your interest in participating in the O.S.U. Mentoring Program and to request a Mentoring Registration Form, please email and a form will be sent to you.

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