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Welcome to the O.S.U. website, which has been designed to keep members of the Union informed of the activities that we are undertaking this year and to report on a variety of topics of interest to Old Sydneians of all ages.

The primary function of the Union is to encourage and facilitate ongoing interaction between the Alumni of Sydney Grammar School and to also assist the School. Focused around the year group reunions of five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty, thirty-five, forty, forty-five, fifty, fifty-five, sixty and yes, sixty-five year reunions, means that Old Sydneians are encouraged to meet every five years for as long as they care to.

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Apart from the Reunions and our Annual Dinner, the most exciting initiative of the Union that was commenced in 2010, after a long period of development, was the O.S.U. Mentoring Program and the quarterly Networking – Speaker Functions – a long-term effort to enable Old Sydneians to benefit from career advice from fellow Old Sydneians and key industry and professional experts as they progress through their chosen careers.

In September 2013 the Union celebrated our 120th anniversary (the O.S.U. was established on 22nd September 1893), and we are well aware that, in order to maintain our community of Old Boys, we are required to constantly enhance and expand the services we offer our members, programs and initiatives that best cater to their current and anticipated future needs and interests.

The School publishes two outstanding publications, being, the Foundations Magazine and the annual Sydneian Year Book, the former is sent to more than 14,000 members of the Grammar Community and the latter to the graduating class/Year 12 students.

In January 2011, the Union’s email newsletter formerly called ‘The Alligator’ was renamed to ‘The Black & Gold’ and it is the primary point of our ongoing communication with the members of the Union.

The O.S.U. website is a continuing work in progress and your feedback is not only welcome but very much encouraged.

Contact points with the Union are:

General Emails are

Reunions reunions@osu.com.au

Mentoring mentoring@osu.com.au

Functions functions@osu.com.au

Golf golf@osu.com.au

Sport sport@osu.com.au

The Old Sydneians’ Union

ABN: 83 000 207 438

P.O. Box 94

Darlinghurst 2010

New South Wales


++ 61 2 8006 1893

We look forward to your continued support of the Union and its activities

William Dive
Hon. Secretary

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Latest Issue of Black & Gold Newsletter

December 2014

Welcome to

The Black & Gold Newsletter

(Issue #2 December 2014 -15)

In this issue

  • From the President
  • O.S.U. Membership
  • The O.S.U. Mentoring Program
  • Year Reunions 2015
  • Black & Gold Newsletter (Submissions)

Welcome to the latest newsletters from the OSU to help keep Old Sydneians informed  about the Union and other old boys. As President I look forward to helping the OSU add value to the old boy community through our existing channels such as reunions, mentoring and OSU Scholar, but also through new initiatives.

This year we will be completing the trial 1 to 1 Mentoring program and we will continue our long running and very successful quarterly speaker series functions. We are building a stronger set of IT capabilities to bring Old Sydneians together more easily and will become more active on social media. We also plan to offer increased support to old boys’ sporting teams and hope that old boys living in major hubs such as London and New York will make contact with the local OSU chapter, via info@osu.com.au as the primary contact regarding OSU Chapters

During the year the OSU will contact members for a number of reasons. Firstly to seek your help to enable the Union to better communicate with you and to help us to do so, please keep your contact details up to date by registering your details on the osu.com.au website. Secondly we will be looking, later in 2015 for mentors, to expand the OSU 1-on-1 Mentoring Program, and finally we are interested in what you think! We will be looking for input on what you feel the OSU should be delivering to members that we don’t currently.

Throughout the year I also look forward to working closely with Dr Vallance and the school to support school activities and continue the relationship that the OSU has enjoyed with the school for almost 130 years.

Jonathon Seally

O.S.U. Membership

All past students of Sydney Grammar School are eligible for membership of the Old Sydneians’ Union and we are pleased to note that over the years almost everyone who is eligible has chosen to become a member of the Union. Current eligible membership is approximately 13,737 yet we only have email addresses for 5,802 members.

So … we need your contact details, you can be as brief or as expansive as you care to be.

Simply visit the website http://www.osu.com.au/grammar/osu-members/registration/

  • enter your login name (that is your current or preferred email address) and
  • chose a password (of your choice)
  • The O.S.U. Privacy Policy is published on the website

The O.S.U. Mentoring Program

The OSU mentoring program had its origins in 2005 when a member of the committee first suggested that there was a need for Old Sydneian’s who were either

  • Commencing or progressing through university
  • In the first years of their career since leaving university
  • Facing career and other decisions 5 to 10 years since leaving university

to be connected with mentors in a medium term, one-on-one mentoring relationship for career guidance, advice and advocacy.

The aim of the program is to create a culture of mentorship through using the broad, diverse experience of Grammar old boys to help mentees develop a deeper understanding of their career goals and gain insights into the professional world in general to make better and more informed career decisions.

The program has been developed by considering similar programs which have operated by in Australia and overseas at leading alumni and professional bodies. It is implemented and resourced by the OSU and is strongly aligned with the OSU constitution in that it fosters fraternity amongst OSU members.

The program consists of two streams:

  1. A speaker series. This operates as a group networking function with speakers from the OSU membership
  2. One on one mentoring, where a mentor and mentee are paired for a period of at least 6 months with clear guidelines with respect to such aspects as expectations, meeting objectives and ongoing support from the OSU

The one-on-one program began in October 2014 with a pilot program which will

  • Focus on the finance and banking sector
  • Target OSU members 1 to 4 years out of university who are seeking guidance from mentors 10 to 20 years out
  • Mentors and mentees will be given guidance documents and ongoing support
  • Be evaluated prior to a broader rollout

How can you assist?

  • If you have not yet done so, please indicate your interest in mentoring as either a mentor or mentee via your OSU membership preferences on the portal
  • Attend a networking event

The next speaker series meeting will be held on Thursday 26th March 2015 at the Union, University and Schools Club. (25 Bent Street (cnr of Phillip Street) Sydney 2000) Details to follow


Guest Speaker

Mr Nick Pappas (OS ’78)

Date to be announced shortly


  • $120 pp
  • Dress: BLACK TIE

Year Reunions during 2015

for information regarding any of this year’s Reunions, please contact the Union on ++ 61 2 8006 1893 or email reunions@osu.com.au



2010 – 5 year
2005 – 10 year
2000 – 15 year
1995 – 20 year
1990 – 25 year
1985 – 30 year
1980 – 35 year
1975 – 40 year
1970 – 45 year
1965 – 50 year
1960 – 55 year
1955 – 60 year
1950 – 65 year
 1945 -70 year

We need your help …. input required to maintain and update our Database

The Union is constantly updating our Members Database and we ask any members who can help us find missing Old Sydneians to contact us by email to members@osu.com.au or call us on ++ 61 2 8006 1893

The Black & Gold Newsletter

The Union will henceforth publish via e-mail and posted on the website, four issues a year and to make the Black & Gold newsletter the primary means of our communication with Old Sydneians. The Black & Gold will publish reports on year reunions and other functions as well as items of interest to our readers and we seek your contribution of articles that may interest fellow Old Sydneians (please submit any articles to editor@osu.com.au for consideration and publication). Our editorial policy for content and format are published on the O.S.U. website.

The coming issues* of The Black & Gold Newsletter are *

 Issue dates | Deadline for submissions 
 February 17th January
 May 18th April
 October 19th September
 December 21st November

Please make all submissions in MSWord format and all Photos to be low resolution JPGs, thank you. The Editor


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5 year Reunions 2015

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10 - 2005 call the OSU on (02) 8006 1893 or email 2005@osu.com.au

15 - 2000 call the OSU on (02) 8006 1893 or email 2000@osu.com.au

20 - 1995 call the OSU on (02) 8006 1893 or email 1995@osu.com.au

25 - 1990 call the OSU on (02) 8006 1893 or email 1990@osu.com.au

30 - 1985 call the OSU on (02) 8006 1893 or email 1985@osu.com.au

35 - 1980 call the OSU on (02) 8006 1893 or email 1980@osu.com.au

40 - 1975 call the OSU on (02) 8006 1893 or email 1975@osu.com.au

45 - 1970 call the OSU on (02) 8006 1893 or email 1970@osu.com.au

50 - 1965 call the OSU on (02) 8006 1893 or email 1965@osu.com.au

55 - 1960 call the OSU on (02) 8006 1893 or email 1960@osu.com.au

60 - 1955 call the OSU on (02) 8006 1893 or email 1955@osu.com.au

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70 - 1945 call the OSU on (02) 8006 1893 or email 1945@osu.com.au

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