Privacy Legislation Policy Statement to our Members

Following the introduction of recent Privacy legislation, we have an obligation to inform you as an O.S.U. member that the School has from time to time provided to the O.S.U. your name and contact details and the year you left the School.

We may also obtain further information about you from time to time in relation to your participation in O.S.U. activities.

The O.S.U. will use this information in connection with O.S.U. social and sporting events and other activities, which exist to keep members in touch with each other and with the School, and to support the School in various ways.

We will not pass on information about you to anyone else, except to allow the O.S.U. to carry out these and any related purposes. Any person or organisation who is provided with any information about you for these purposes will also be required to agree not to use or pass on such information for any other purpose.

You have a right to access and to correct any errors in the information we hold about you. We wish to keep the information accurate and up to date and would appreciate your help in that regard. Please contact us for any enquiries.

We will continue to send you information unless you advise us via the “opt out form” that is attached to each message from the Union, you may also opt out from receiving any further correspondence from the Union by emailing us at and thereafter you will stop receiving further communication from the O.S.U. We will keep your name and contact details, as well as information about your participation in O.S.U. activities should you change your mind in the future..

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